Assembly technician Vadim Arepjev: all HOOB people are specialists in their field

Vadim Arepjev

Vadim Arepjev (22) dreamed of being a doctor as a schoolboy, but the day as a student shelter at the University of Tartu ended with the clear knowledge that sometimes Plan B could be even better than Plan A. Plan B was electronics, mechanics and programming, which were of great interest to the young man in biology and chemistry.

In the year of graduating from Vadim Gymnasium, Tallinn University of Technology, now called TalTech, opened a specialty in product development and robotics, and the young man was one of the first to study a completely new specialty. His father, who edits in the field of mechatronics, is also to blame for the choice of field.

“My specialty is characterized by constant development: firstly, it develops itself and secondly, the field of robotics is developing very fast all over the world,” Vadim opens the background of his career. “There are few things in this field that are clear to everyone in the world, but all the time I have been exposed to something that was invented right now. Every job is different and each project has its own nuances. What fascinates me is that here you can control different processes from start to finish and change everything so that the machine does exactly what the customer needs.

”Vadim reached HOOB through an internship program and soon became a proven young man. He is responsible for ensuring that the machines developed in the company can be assembled with high quality and that all assemblies work as engineers have thought, from mechanics and pneumatics to electrical and electronics. So far, the first job given to the young man also turned out to be one of the biggest challenges – the pneumatic hoses of one production unit had to be transported in such a way that they would ensure the correct operation of the machine on the one hand, However, there was very little space to accommodate all these hoses, but the task was accomplished.

“HOOB likes the team the most: all people are very motivated and real specialists in their field – there is something to learn from all of them,” admits Vadim. “My second big favorite is the team events that take place in the company all the time, which are not the usual tea and kitchen meals. In the summer, for example, we went with a whole team of Soviet-era UAZ SUVs in the woods.

In addition, he finds time to read books or listen to audiobooks. His special interest is not in the leisure literature, but in the fields of self-development and marketing, where he constantly monitors the ongoing developments. Who knows, maybe events will soon develop to the point that when building the first domestic biorobots, Vadim will also benefit from the former Plan A, ie in-depth knowledge of anatomy and chemistry.

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