Hoob improves assembly line ergonomics using LINAK lifting columns

A leading electric actuator manufacturer LINAK has shared a case story how we used used their products for assembly automation applications. 

For the assembly line, HOOB uses LINAK lifting columns under each station to adjust the workbench height while the product is being assembled. Furthermore, an LC3 3-stage column with a vacuum gripper is used for lowering, lifting and moving the product further down the line.

When the product has been assembled, it is transferred to a trolley. For this purpose, HOOB designed a tilting solution featuring an LA37 actuator to minimise manual handling of the heavy frequency converters.

Business Development Manager at LINAK, Melanie Kuhn, elaborates:

“The HOOB team excels in integrating ergonomics in lean manufacturing, improving both employee performance and satisfaction. We are proud that our products contribute to this in both manual and semi-automated processes.”:

The full article can be read here: HOOB enhances assembly line ergonomics with LINAK® columns



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