Test Station for Electronics Control Unit

We delivered Test Station for ECU product that saves factory floor space and allows compact assembly line layout.


  • Software loading & electrical testing
  • Electrical connection for 104pcs of connector pins
  • Integrated mechanical assembly
  • Quality control for mechanical assembly (snapfit engagement)
  • Assembly sequence control
  • Label type veryfication and 2d code reading
  • Limited space available
  • Test data transfer and process control remotely


  • Two product nests on drawer type sliding solution
  • Self adjusting test probe pad for 104pcs of connector pins
  • Tabletop design and easy access for maintenance
  • Integrated Poka-yoke solution for mechanical assembly
  • Assembly sequence veryfication and indication on control panel
  • Label type veryfication with colour sensor
  • Touch sensitive operator interface (with 2-hand start)
  • Data transfer and process control over OPC UA

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