Design and Engineering

We offer design & engineering services for industrial fields. Our core know-how is engineering and machine building for industrial automation and production processses. Our engineering department has the ability to design mechanics, automation, electrical systems and software.


Benefits of outsourcing

  • Optimise your engineerings cost by reducing headcount
  • Free up time to focus on your company mission
  • Increased flexibility to tackle workload fluctuations
  • Increased talent pool by enlarged contact network

Automation Concepts

  • Conceptual design solutions for machines and production automation systems
  • Prototypes & proof of concepts
  • Technical descrpitions of functions
  • Equipment specification documents generation
  • Cost and lead time calculations
  • Return-of-Investment calculations (ROI)
  • Simulation and visualisation

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical engineering and system design
  • 3D modeling (Solidworks software)
  • Creation of manufacturing and assembly drawings
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Bill Of Materials
  • Risk assesments according to ISO 12001
  • Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Creating machine documentation and manuals


Electrical Engineering

  • Design of Electrical Systems for Industial Automation (Eplan software)
  • Control Panel layouts
  • Electrical schematics
  • Communication and interface solutions
  • Risk assesments according to ISO 12001
  • Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Bill of Materials generation

Software Development

  • Software development for industrial applications
    • (Siemens, B&R, Mitsubishi, ABB, Festo, etc)
  • Software for controlling Servo motors and axis
  • Software development for industrial controllers (PLC)
  • Implementation of communication protocols
    • (PROFINET, Profibus, Powerlink, Modbus, OPC UA, etc)
  • Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) design

Machine Vision Development

  • Colour recognition
  • Optical character recognition and verification (OCR, OCV)
  • Detection of 1D and 2D barcodes, matrix codes
  • Inspection of assembly components
  • Presence and location of a component
  • Checking the geometry of the product
  • Product quality control, dimensional measurements
  • Deep learning, Development of Vision Guided Robotics
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Dispensing Systems

High Precision Glue Dispensing System for Medical Industry

Customer needed a high precision gluing solution for a small scale medical product. We designed a dispensing solution and delivered […]

Manual Assembly Workstations

Manual Assembly and Screwing Workstation

We delivered a Manual Assembly and Screwing Workstation to automotive customer.

Test Stations

Leakage Test Station for Electronics Control Unit

We created a test system for testing Electronics Control Unit`s IP requirements.


Stories of our customers.

HOOB is a reliable partner for every production company. With us, you can be sure that, until the end of the final project and beyond, we will think with the customer and be ready to further develop automation and robotics solutions.

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